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Kyungin.. the only Korean University for Women!

After a marathon flight, from Cairo Airport to Incheon Airport, between the joy of flying, and the anxiety of waiting and staring at the screens of the travel gates, I thought after we left in that spring weather that we were heading to the hotel, but my

Writer’s Block

I’ve always heard this term a “reader’s block” and” a writer’s block”. As a reader, I was able to understand what it means to be unable to read a book you’ve already started or another you bought

Too good to be true!

Once again, she knocked my door with a heavy heart and wet eyes. “It’s me and my voluntarily deeds again,” she said to me as soon as she saw my face. I know I have a friend who is always misunderstood for his kindness and self-denial.

Ramadan on River Clyde

One day, I found myself departing my homeland to another country for a 3 year residency. I had mixed feelings of excitement and fear. The idea of having all the religious seasons far away on a foreign land crossed my mind and filled me

Playing the joker card!

Back in my teens, I always had a row with my mother. We argued all the time as any teen and mom yet our constant argument was about my personal relationships and friendship. I always liked to make friends no matter what. Age difference or