1. Cookies
Our websites use so-called "cookies" to make our services easier to use, more effective and safe. They are small text files that you store on your computer and that your browser saves. Most of the sites you visit use cookies to facilitate the use of the site for you by making the site "remember you", either for the duration of your visit to the site or during repeated visits. They are used for various purposes, including saving your preferences regarding research, assisting you in using our services, and displaying commercial advertisements chosen especially for you. The data about your visit to the site is stored in a "cookie" for the purpose of reviewing it during your next visit to our site. In this way, we can identify you during your next visit to our website and adapt our services to your exact needs. You can prevent or limit the use of "cookies" in your browser. Some of the "cookies" that we use are temporary files that are deleted automatically after your visit. And our "cookies" on your computer do not cause any harm and do not contain viruses.

2. Duration of data preservation
We save your personal data only for the period necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was obtained or for the period during which we are legally obligated to save the data. Once the intended purpose of preserving the data is achieved, it will be deleted completely.

3. Right to information and withdrawal
3.1 As you are a user of Business Middle East - Mebusiness   sites, you have the right at any moment to request information about the type and volume of data that are stored during your visit.
3.2 Upon your request, the information which is of interest to you will be provided. This service is provided free of charge. 
3.3 If you have questions about data protection, our data protection professional will help you.