UAE participates in Oslo Forum for reinforcing peace

Noura Al Kaabi, Minister of State, participated in a discussion panel at the Oslo Forum, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, to exchange knowledge and experiences, and discuss strategies for conflict resolution and peacemaking.

The panel also aimed to highlight the importance of mediation efforts on national and international levels.

Al Kaabi affirmed the UAE’s steadfast belief in the crucial importance of coordinated joint global action, multilateral cooperation, dialogue, and building bridges as a critical part of shaping innovative and lasting solutions to contemporary challenges. These principles have always shaped the UAE’s path since the country’s founding.

Al Kaabi emphasised that the UAE favours diplomacy over conflict, partnership over unilateralism, dialogue over confrontation, and urges respect for the principles of good neighbourliness and non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs, while seeking to develop existing alliances and bolster foreign relations to support international stability and peace.

She affirmed that due to the significant changes witnessed in the international landscape, the coming decades require increased communication, integration, and cooperation across various fields including politics, economy, technology, health, food, and climate change.

Furthermore, Al Kaabi emphasised the importance of resolving conflicts between countries through dialogue and peaceful means, and contributing to supporting international stability and peace, as well as co-existence, while supporting multilateralism and partnerships. These endeavours aim to mitigate tensions and enhance international cooperation, affirming the importance of prioritising economic prosperity, relations between nations, and de-escalation on regional and international levels.