Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi inaugurates 7th edition of NSCF

Dr. Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, inaugurated today the 7th edition of the National Service Career Fair (NSCF) at the Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC), Expo City Dubai.

This three-day event is designed to guide and empower Emirati youth in selecting appropriate career paths and fostering leadership capabilities within diverse public and private sectors that contribute to the nation's future development.

Following the opening, Dr. Al Falasi toured the fair, accompanied by Brigadier Khalifa Hamad Al Kaabi, Chief of the National Service and Reserve Authority (NSRA), accompanied by several senior officers and officials from the Ministry of Defence and various government and private entities. They toured the pavilions and were briefed on the employment prospects for recruits and graduates and the facilitations offered by the fair, which is backed by the Ministry of Defence to assist national service graduates in cultivating a new generation of skilled individuals capable of fostering creativity, innovation, and economic progress in the future.

Dr. Sultan Saif Al Neyadi, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, visited the exhibition.

Dr. Al Falasi stated on this occasion, "The NSCF reflects the UAE's commitment to developing skills and opportunities for its youth, providing employment and educational opportunities by fostering connections between national service recruits and graduates, companies, universities, and national training institutions.

“The NSCF offers young people the opportunity to gain the necessary experiences and skills for the job market. It supports them in achieving success by providing a stimulating work environment that encourages innovation and creativity and advanced educational programmes to develop their skills and enhance their technical and professional capabilities.”

"We are working to secure employment opportunities and platforms for continuous learning to ensure the development and prosperity of youth in various fields. We recognise that investing in youth is investing in our bright future, which drives us to work diligently and sincerely to fulfil their aspirations and achieve sustainable success in their professional and personal journeys," Dr. Al Falasi added.

He remarked, “The NSCF enhances communication between educational institutions and the job market. This helps refine educational curricula and training programmes to meet the labour market's needs better. It also ensures the graduation of qualified individuals with the necessary skills to contribute to nations' economic and social development.”

The NSCF features over 70 government and private companies and institutions representing 30 sectors this year. These institutions and companies aim to support and encourage more than 20,000 Emirati citizens, including professional experts and recent graduates, to help them achieve success. The exhibition allows companies to build a robust database comprising profiles of national service recruits and graduates to enhance future employment opportunities.

The NSCF underscores the National Service and Reserve Authority's belief in the importance of employing national service recruits and graduates, providing opportunities for networking between them and entities interested in recruiting them after they complete their training programme. It also opens channels of communication between national service and reserve graduates in the armed forces and participating entities from the government and private sectors to find job opportunities, train and nurture them, in line with the wise leadership's interest in providing the best opportunities for them to progress in dedicated national service positions and engage in all economic, commercial, and educational fields.

Ambassador Dr. Abdulsalam AlMadani, PAM Roving Ambassador for the Gulf Cooperation Council Region and Chairman of INDEX Holding, said, "We take pride in being a national company operating in the events sector and collaborating with the National and Reserve Service Authority to provide such a fair to serve the youth in the country.

“This confirms the importance of the effective role played by job fairs, bringing together job seekers, companies, contributing institutions, and exhibitors under one roof, enhancing the concept of Emiratisation and engaging national talents in the labor market, thereby securing a safe career future for them," he added.

Furthermore, the NSCF features more than 30 workshops by over 40 international speakers. These workshops address essential topics such as specialised volunteering in emergencies, crises, and disasters, future job opportunities, workforce readiness for the future, and other relevant subjects. These workshops aim to enhance National Service recruits' and graduates' skills and knowledge, train them in job interviews, and help them choose suitable career paths.

The NSCF contributes to achieving Emiratisation goals and leveraging the incentives provided by the UAE government. It brings together National Service recruits, graduates, and participating entities from the public and private sectors, offering opportunities for nationals to develop their skills and participate in the job market.

NSCF is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Defence, represented by the NSRA, and organised by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions Org. LLC, a member of INDEX Holding. The NSCF provides employment and educational opportunities for National Service recruits and graduates by facilitating connections with companies and academic institutions seeking qualified job candidates and encouraging higher education.