AQU Hosts Global Forum: Media for Sustainability 2024

Jamal Salim Al-Tarifi, the President of Al Qasimia University (AQU), officially commenced the proceedings of the Fifth International Student Media Forum hosted by the College of Communication under the theme "Media for Sustainability" and the slogan "Our Environment, Our Responsibility." This aligns with the 2024 vision of the United Arab Emirates, focusing on sustainable development goals, environmental preservation, and resource sustainability through shared experiences among media and environmental experts from 26 Arab and international universities representing eighteen countries. In his address,Prof. Awad AlKhalaf, Chancellor of Al Qasimia University, stressed the forum's significance and the valuable contributions from communication and media students, emphasising their role in enhancing awareness of sustainability. This involves shaping future communication strategies to promote a culture of sustainable development amid global climate challenges.

Professor Hisham Abbas, Dean of the College of Communication, emphasised the forum's importance in the midst of global changes. The theme "Media for Sustainability" underscores that media content is fundamental to sustainable operations, serving as a tool for development and reconstruction, elevating behavior and embodying the principles of sustainability.

The forum concluded with the reading of a final statement containing scientific recommendations, advocating for the establishment of mechanisms to harness the potential of media, its expansive impact, and the dissemination of information related to environmental and social issues. It also highlighted the utilisation of technological advancements, including artificial intelligence, metaverse, and virtual and augmented reality, to contribute to media campaigns raising awareness about the environmental risks and their impact on the sustainability of natural resources.