Al Dhaid Agricultural Exhibition hosts over 6 key workshops on innovative farming solutions

Al Dhaid Agricultural Exhibition, organised by Expo Centre Sharjah, continues its successful run into the third consecutive day, featuring over six panel discussions and scientific workshops conducted by a team of agricultural experts and specialists.

The third day sessions have delved into crucial topics related to sustainability within the agricultural and livestock sector, including the latest developments in wheat production, such as new wheat breeds, and the application of international best practices in wheat cultivation.

The discussions are particularly significant in the UAE, with Sharjah playing a pivotal role in food security. The event is organized in collaboration with the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and with the support from the Department of Agriculture and Livestock.

Attracting a significant number of farm owners and agricultural professionals, the exhibition showcases cutting-edge technologies and equipment in agricultural development. It has become a platform for introducing innovative solutions in hydroponics, vertical farming, advanced irrigation, and horticulture techniques.

Attendees also have the opportunity to avail themselves of the services offered by various entities and institutions participating in the exhibition, which are instrumental in enhancing production and achieving self-sufficiency.

Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, said: “By hosting leading corporate and institutional participants, the exhibition seeks to present breakthrough solutions encompassing the latest fertilisers and techniques, guaranteeing high-efficiency, top-notch agriculture that is both relevant and sustainable. It fosters the sharing of expertise and experiences, while offering comprehensive knowledge on the most up-to-date pillars of agricultural development, which ensures a successful contribution to food security by expanding the land-area for cultivating wheat, a strategic crop. These efforts work towards food security targets, meeting the requirements of agricultural expansion with expertise for addressing climate challenges and adapting to water scarcity.”

Representatives of agricultural companies participating in the event said Al Dhaid Agriculture Exhibition is a unique platform for communicating with farmers to identify sector priorities — as farmers are the ones practicing in the field and dealing with various agricultural requirements.

Engineer Mohammed Elshafei, Sales Manager for Al Mubarak Agro-Chemicals, said a main focus of the exhibition is techniques for refining wheat cultivation. By participating in the event, his company has been able to promote its products, especially pesticides, designed to raise the productivity and quality of wheat crops. The company’s products, he said, increase the number of ears cultivated by providing good seeds and effective pesticides to control the pests associated with wheat cultivation.

Engineer Omar Abdul Rahim of Al Yamama Fertilizer Industries, which specialises in both chemical and organic fertilisers, said the organisation of Al Dhaid Agriculture Exhibition by the Sharjah Chamber and Expo Centre Sharjah is an important step. He noted that Al Yamama’s product offerings include fertilisers and pesticides with applications in the development of wheat cultivation.

The exhibition, which concludes on Sunday evening, has brought together numerous ministries and government entities and over 50 companies operating in the agriculture and livestock sector, along with experts, farm owners, and farmers.