1 Billion Followers Summit 2024 gathers three world-renowned gaming legends in Dubai

A journey that began with a mere tap of keyboard buttons has transformed their hobbies into sources of wealth and succeeded in changing the prevailing perception of gaming for more than 188 million followers.

These three mega content creators, Germán Garmendia, Ujjwal Chaurasia, and Myth Pat, are set to grace the 1 Billion Followers Summit's second edition in Dubai on January 10 and 11.

Organised by the New Media Academy at the Emirates Towers and the Museum of the Future, the summit aims to explore the secrets of these digital superstars who utilised their skills to create virtual worlds beloved by millions.

The 1 Billion Followers Summit is not just an exclusive opportunity to engage with these global influential content creators but also a platform to learn from their rich experiences and receive invaluable advice, inspiring the youth to unearth their creative potential in gaming, ultimately transforming their everyday pastimes into realms of creativity and influence.

Germán Garmendia, A professional gamer, has gathered a staggering following base of over 121 million followers, Garmendia is one of the most important and influential content creators in the Spanish-speaking world. He has turned everyday routines into lively artistic performances filled with humor and light-heartedness. As a versatile individual, Garmendia oversees multiple globally popular channels, earning him recognition as a prominent figure in the age of new media. Fans are eagerly anticipating the insights and entertainment that this digital star is set to share at the 1 Billion Followers Summit.

Hailing from India, Ujjwal Chaurasia, the creative force behind the 'Techno Gamerz' gaming channel, has garnered a significant following of over 50 million. Chaurasia's journey in YouTube gaming began in the mid-2010s, gradually becoming a focal point for gaming enthusiasts who appreciate his storytelling skills within the e-gaming world. Chaurasia is poised to captivate the audience at the 1 Billion Followers Summit.

Watching the renowned Indian YouTuber, Mithilesh Patankar (Myth Pat), transcends the ordinary act of following a Gaming YouTuber. It is akin to immersing oneself in a cinematic masterpiece, replete with action, horror, and adventure. Mythpat’s distinctive style has magnetized over 17.6 million followers to his channel, transforming the act of observing someone play video games into an immersive experience that mirrors a thrilling cinematic journey. Mythpat is not merely a YouTuber; he is a storyteller par excellence, mastering the art of breathing life into digital games and, in turn, creating each video as a standalone artistic marvel.