Declaration on common agenda for education and climate change released at COP28

The Greening Education Hub, themed ‘Legacy from the Land of Zayed’ in Expo City Dubai hosted the First Annual Meeting of the Greening Education Partnership.

In attendance were Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, ministers, high-level representatives of the member states of the partnership, and various supporting international and non-governmental organisations.

The Declaration on the Common Agenda for Education and Climate Change at COP28 was released during the meeting. Through this declaration, member states of the Green Education Partnership affirmed their commitment to global efforts aimed at establishing sustainable educational systems. This commitment focuses on the four pillars of the partnership: greening schools, greening curriculum, greening capacities and greening communities.

The member states pledged to identify vulnerabilities and implement national education strategies to address climate risk and build more resilient education systems.

They also pledged to emphasise the role of education in supporting all learners to develop adequate knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to adapt to new climate realities and develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Member states also pledged to develop national education strategies to mitigate the repercussions of climate change and to leverage the role of education to achieve net-zero emissions in the education sector.

The declaration also highlighted the member states’ pledge to enhance cooperation in all fields to provide domestic and international funding by investing in international education funds, international partnerships and innovative funding mechanisms. This is to promote climate education in a way that helps bridge the gap between the current reality and climate targets. Moreover, the declaration is aimed at building educational systems and qualifying generations that are resilient and prepared to reduce the risks associated with climate change.

Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi noted that the declaration represents a new milestone in the efforts to build climate-smart educational systems. It reaffirms the member states’ dedication to providing climate finance and building generations who can contribute effectively to combatting climate change and building a better tomorrow.

Dr. Al Falasi emphasised that the declaration marks the initiation of a new phase where collective efforts and constructive partnerships will be forged to attain the goals committed to by member states.

He said, “This meeting and its outcomes are integral to the legacy of the Greening Education Hub, conveying a message to the world. We eagerly anticipate collaborative efforts with our partners to promote green education worldwide, building generations and societies that are environmentally aware and adept at embracing sustainability in all facets of life."

During the First Annual Meeting of the Greening Education Partnership, youth and children’s representatives actively participated and emphasised the significance of their involvement in global discussions on climate change.

The meeting sessions delved into various topics on attaining the Greening Education Partnership's goals across its four pillars. Discussions covered ways to contribute to the establishment of eco-friendly schools and curricula, the connection between green education and enhancing community awareness of environmental issues, as well as the financing of green education initiatives.