First Lady of Mauritania visits Zayed Higher organisation

Dr. Mariem Fadel Bint Dah, the First Lady of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, visited Zayed Higher organisation (ZHO) to learn about its experience, projects, and programmes in caring for and rehabilitating People of Determination, especially those with autism.

Received by Abdullah Al Humaidan, ZHO Secretary-General, Dr. Mariem was briefed on the educational, rehabilitative, psychological, and social health services provided by the Organisation.

During the visit, which included the Abu Dhabi Autism Centre and the Production Centre for People of Determination affiliated with ZHO, Dr. Mariem listened to an explanation from Aisha Al Mansoori, Director of the Abu Dhabi Autism Centre, about the services and programmes of the Foundation applied to individuals with autism in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

At the Production Centre for People of Determination in the Bahia area, Dr. Dah visited several vocational rehabilitation workshops, including the sewing workshop for girls and boys. This workshop is considered one of the leading projects providing employment opportunities for People of Determination, specifically those with intellectual challenges.

The First Lady of Mauritania commended the programmes and services implemented by the Zayed Higher organisation, describing them as integrated and comprehensive. She highlighted the UAE's significant commitment to offering comprehensive services to the People of Determination.

  Esraa Esmail / Ahlam Almazrooi