Emirates Health Services kicks off Mental Health Awareness Month with over 70 activities

The Emirates Health Services (EHS) has launched a series of events to mark Mental Health Awareness Month with the participation of Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital and several EHS affiliates.

These events will continue throughout October with the aim of highlighting the importance of mental health in people's lives and its role in promoting sustainable growth in societies. Marking the World Mental Health Day on October 10 with month-long activities underlines EHS’ commitment to raising community awareness on the importance of improving mental health and overcoming misconceptions about seeking professional help delivered by specialised facilities and professionals when in need. Dr. Noor Al Muhairi, Director of Psychiatric Health Department at EHS, stated that the initiatives aim to highlight the importance of mental health and its role in building a robust and healthy society.

Dr. Al Muhairi said mental health is the cornerstone of human progress and social development, and a powerful element in increasing productivity and creativity, and enhancing the ability of efficiently building prosperous societies. This makes the promotion of mental health a key focus for EHS. Dr. Al Muhairi added that EHS has been a pioneer in adapting AI and digital technologies to develop the mental health service ecosystem by equipping its facilities with technologies such as Metaverse, Avatar, Telemedicine, and other quality services. Given their pivotal role in promoting well-being through positive interactions and a culture of cooperation, this reflects the commitment of EHS to achieve a sustainable enhanced quality of life for all members of the society. Al Muhairi said the wise UAE leadership prioritises the wellness of human beings and strives to deliver exceptional mental health services to citizens and residents alike, in order to improve their quality of life and enhance their psychological well-being. EHS will mark Mental Health Awareness Month with over 70 events, activities, and exhibitions hosted by Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital and various EHS facilities.

Among these are the Innovation with Musical Performance Exhibition, the Patient Art Exhibition, and the Bint Al Deera Exhibition to promote productive families. Several workshops and lectures will be held alongside an exhibition showcasing new technology in mental health. This exhibition introduces Metaverse, avatar-based psychotherapy, the Moodology application, and Sanad “Health Card”, aimed at enlightening participants with the cutting-edge psychological health services offered through these advanced techniques. A workshop on the integration of mental health services into primary healthcare centers in collaboration with the World Health Organisation will be held as well as another addressing personality development and mental health. Not only that but the "Mind in Crisis" workshop will focus on psychological emergency management within medical settings as well as a stress reduction workshop will also be conducted. The events include a discussion session for senior citizens incorporating psychological assessments and consultations, and another addressing emotion management.

Lectures on the mental well-being of senior citizens will be conducted. In addition, there will be lectures held for workers in their native language. Not only that but competitions and awards will be distributed to EHS workers for their hard work. This month will also include an open day for staff to reduce the factors of burnout. The open day will include informative lectures, sports activities, relaxation sessions such as yoga, a workshop dedicated to supporting individuals with schizophrenia, in addition to many other activities, sessions, lectures, and competitions.