Global tech giants head to Dubai Assembly for Generative AI to tackle humanity’s biggest questions

Global technology powerhouses including Meta, Google, Deloitte, PwC and Microsoft will gather in Dubai next week to tackle some of the biggest questions facing humanity in the wake of the generative AI boom. Silicon Valley experts, global AI experts and innovators will join with governments and academia at the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI to assess the opportunities and challenges and lay out a path forward for harnessing generative AI for good. The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI has revealed the list of partners for its 2023 edition, which takes place on 11th to 12th October at the Museum of the Future and AREA 2071 in Emirates Towers in Dubai. The assembly will be held under the directives of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of Dubai Executive Council and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Dubai Future Foundation, to provide a global platform for exploring the potential of generative AI as well as ways to develop and govern it. The assembly has several goals, foremost of which is providing a deeper understanding of AI, its applications, capabilities, and opportunities. Generative AI is considered one of the world’s most important and fastest growing technologies. McKinsey’s recent report estimated that generative AI is expected to contribute $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy. It is also predicted to raise global GDP by 7 percent over the next 10 years, according to Goldman Sachs. Major local and international bodies join partner list This year's list of strategic partners includes Microsoft, QuantumBlack by McKinsey, Digital Dubai, Meta, PwC, and Deloitte. Other partners include Emirates, SAP , Google, IBM, Nokia Bell Labs, Humanism, HTC VIVE, European Blockchain Association, NVIDIA, Private Office Regulatory Risk in the UK government, Talabat, SuperWolrd, Snap Inc., Careem, World Ethical Data Foundation (WEDF), DEWA, UAE AI Office, Bedu, Tashkeel, Dubai Blockchain Center, and BCG. Younus Al Nasser, Chief Executive, Dubai Data & Statistics Establishment, Digital Dubai said: “Guided by the ambitious vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dubai Future Foundation, the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI is a substantial new milestone in the emirate’s relentless progress and marks a new era where generative AI is already shaping our future. As the entity entrusted with digitalising all aspects of life in Dubai and building the ultimate digital society of the future, Digital Dubai joins the project as Strategic Partner, underlining our commitment to advancing the emirate’s digital transformation journey, and our dedication to embracing advanced technologies – particularly, Artificial Intelligence – to better the lives of all citizens, residents, and visitors to the emirate.” Evelyn Miller, Vice President of Public Policy at Meta, said: “Meta is excited to join thought leaders and decision makers at the Dubai Assembly 2023 to discuss the future of generative AI technology. We believe diverse, global perspectives from industry, academics, governments, and civil society are crucial for responsible AI governance that benefits everyone. Our commitment to Responsible AI aligns with the Dubai Assembly's mission to advance societies with AI, and we deeply believe that an open approach to developing this technology has an important part to play in realizing this vision. In our metaverse journey, AI plays a key role, and we appreciate Dubai's forward-thinking approach in this domain. We look forward to contributing to and learning from this meaningful conversation.” Ali Hosseini, Chief Digital Officer at PwC Middle East, said: "At PwC, we understand the potential and importance of AI for our region and we are helping our clients reshape the workforce and transform their businesses with AI. With decades of experience in the region, we've built trust in society and fostered collaborations with leading academic institutions and tech organisations. This positions us well to harness the momentum of GenAI. Our participation in the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI underscores our dedication to advancing the dialogue on how governments, enterprises, and society contribute to the growth of these emerging technologies." Commenting on Deloitte’s partnership, Yousef Bakawie, AI & Data Leader, Deloitte Middle East said: “Generative AI is arguably one of the most important innovations of late, and Deloitte is thrilled to be part of the Generative Alliance, working with the Dubai government to provide solutions, frameworks and best practices to harness this technology’s opportunities. Dubai is at the forefront of digital innovation and leveraging the benefits of Generative AI technology has the potential to create unprecedented advantages for the Emirates and beyond.” Georg Wolfart, Head of Public Policy, Snap Inc said: "Snap has invested deeply in AI for years. AI and ML are foundational technologies that underpin our camera products, augmented reality platform, and Lenses developed by Snap and our creator community. Events like the “Dubai Assembly for Generative AI" are crucial to discuss trends, the appropriate regulation and the partnership opportunities between the private and public sector.” Rima Manna, VP of the Middle East Market Unit at Nokia, said: “We are honoured to take part in this year’s Dubai Assembly for Generative AI, and contribute to the conference with the Artificial Intelligence Research Lab of Nokia Bell Labs. We share the objectives of the Dubai Future Foundation - to innovate with purpose and pursuing responsible, sustainable technologies that will have a demonstrable impact on society.” Amin Al Zarouni, Chief Executive Officer of Bedu said: “Generative AI resonates with the potential to usher in a transformative era. At BEDU, we have undertaken significant strides in the development of products built around generative AI and designed to benefit a diverse array of organisations across the country. Our prior engagement with the Assembly has clearly showcased the substantial impact it can exert on multiple industries. We are truly honoured to receive an invitation for yet another consecutive year, emphasising the lasting value it contributes to our community.”

Christian Gleich, International Ambassador, European Blockchain Association said: "The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI will hold paramount significance for Dubai and the UAE as it demonstrates their commitment to pioneering technological advancements under its visionary leadership – yet again. This gathering symbolises Dubai’s dedication to harnessing the transformative power of AI in general and more specifically in generative AI. The profound impact of AI on healthcare, economy, governmental services, education and beyond cannot be overstated. As a speaker at this prestigious conference I am profoundly humbled to contribute to the discussion of AI's potential to revolutionize Dubai, the UAE and also the global landscape. I will also shed light on the necessary regulatory pathways for this disruptive technology. The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI will be a remarkable opportunity to engage both with foresightful experts as well with enthusiasts shaping tomorrow's technology landscape.” Hamad Al Shirawi, Director, Dubai Assembly for Generative AI, commented: “The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI will build on the successes of the first edition, mainly by strengthening partnerships between the government and private sectors and exploring areas for cooperation. These partnerships will be critical to shaping the future of AI, aiding investments and technological development.” Al Shirawi added: “This year's assembly includes three main tracks, which are educate, inspire, and contribute. Partners will have a key role in the inspire track, where they will share successful use cases and experiences of generative AI. Our partners will share their experiences and display the latest developments in the field of generative AI, helping to transform the assembly into a platform for conversation between stakeholders and for informing decision-makers on the latest trends.” The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI is the most impactful global gathering exploring the future and opportunities of generative AI. It supports Dubai's vision to become a global center for testing emerging technologies and taking advantage of their opportunities. The assembly complements Dubai's efforts to collaborate with decision-makers and industry leaders from around the world in order to address challenges and create new opportunities. The assembly is in line with the role of the Dubai Future Foundation to anticipate the future and its challenges, and consolidate Dubai's position as one of the world's most future-ready cities, as well as an inspiring model for other cities globally. The first assembly, the Dubai Metaverse Assembly, was held in September 2022, and witnessed the participation of 600 technology experts across 25 sessions. There were 30 international speakers, 40 technology companies and more than 40,000 virtual participants. A total of 15 initiatives and strategies were launched during the event. This year’s assembly will be attended by ministers, government officials, CEOs, experts, thought leaders, designers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, startups, investors and academics. For more information about the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI, visit: