Digital Dubai launches challenge to uncover web-application cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Digital Dubai has launched the Emirati ‘Capture The Flag’ (CTF) Challenge, set to run from 7th to 10th October, as part of the initiatives under its affiliated Dubai Cyber Innovation Park (DCIPark), aiming to enhance cybersecurity skills among Emirati students.

The 4-day challenge presents students with the task to uncover 15 vulnerabilities in a web application simulating the banking system.

Amer Sharaf Al Hashmi, CEO of the Cybersecurity Systems and Services Sector at the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC), an affiliate of Digital Dubai, asserted, “The Emirati CTF Challenge aims to boost skills of Emirati youth and invest in their cybersecurity innovations. Cybersecurity is now one of the most critical sectors, given the growing global demand for it, coupled with rapid technological advancements and growing security requirements of digital communities. The challenge provides a digital environment that simulates reality for participants, allowing them to propose and develop methods and tactics to uncover vulnerabilities and take swift and effective action to address cyberthreats.”

The Dubai Cyber Innovation Park (DCIPark) announced that registration is now open on the official website of the challenge Emirati CTF by DESC.

The Emirati CTF Challenge includes specific participation requirements: participants must be citizens of the UAE and register for the challenge using their university email addresses. Additionally, the challenge is designed for individuals, not teams, and participants are required to maintain the confidentiality of the solutions they develop.