CIFTIS 2023 highlights China's action for carbon neutrality

China's unyielding commitment to achieving its carbon neutrality goals was on full display at the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), which took place in Beijing from 2nd to 6th September.

According to China Economic Net, the fair's Section of Environmental Services featured a wide range of exhibits and activities showcasing China's latest technologies and innovations in the fight against climate change. These included new electric vehicle charging solutions, self-driving trucks, and carbon trading platforms.

In addition to showcasing its achievements, China also invited global companies to participate in the fair and share their experiences in environmental protection.

The fair's organiser, the Ministry of Commerce of China, said that the 2023 CIFTIS was a "platform for businesses to present pioneering technologies, exchange insights, and explore trade and investment opportunities."

The fair was also attended by government officials from around the world, who discussed ways to cooperate on climate action.

The 2023 CIFTIS was a major event in China's efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. It showed the world that China is serious about its climate commitments and is willing to work with others to address this global challenge.